Whitelisted Shipment

The above figure displays an example of a user at address 0x…1 (Bob) attempting to send assets to user 0x…3 (Daniella). Bob is sending a large amount of funds, and wants to ensure that multiple checks are in place before the asset Capsule can be accepted. As such, Bob requires 6/10 signatures to be confirmed from 10 different addresses: 0x…10, 0x…11, 0x…12, and so on.

Daniella cannot claim the assets until at least 6 signatures are attached to her acceptance transaction. Once enough signatures have been assembled for the shipment, Daniella properly accepts the shipment and redeems for the funds.

Of course, in this situation or any other, as many checks and balances can be added to the shipment as required, including password, time lock, asset key, signatures, and so on.

If this interests you view our developer example of a Whitelisted Redemption contract.

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