Example Integration

The Capsule Packaging and Shipping Protocol is highly abstractable for any developer or user. Below, we outline an example marketing outreach created by a DeFi protocol seeking to onboard its users to a new chain deployment.

Step by Step - Example Integration

  1. Multiple shipments are created on a Capsule supported chain containing currency/pool tokens supported by the DeFi protocol.

    • These shipments are created with gasless pickup, meaning a redeeming user does not even need any currency, or even a wallet on the new chain.

    • A shipment may include

      • 10 pool tokens and some native chain gas (for interaction)

      • Multiple different pool tokens batched, with native chain gas

      • Any combination of tokens/native gas

  2. Targeted users are sent a link (for example, app.capsulenft.com/redeem/optimism/cc/40) through any avenue (Email, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, DeBank)

    • Users could be targeted by

      • TVL on the native DeFi protocol chain

      • X total amount in a competing DeFi product

      • Their wallet held a certain amount of assets

      • Any other on or off-chain requirement...

  3. Users click on the link, and are sent to the redemption page

    • Your Capsule Redemption Page can be specially branded, with high-agency ads

  4. Users redeem assets to any wallet of their choosing (or one is generated for them)

    • Gasless Redemption is one-click and supports any of the following chains

      • Ethereum

      • Optimism

      • (Reach out so we can support your chain!)

  5. The transaction is sent and confirmed through our backend, and the user receives the funds to the input wallet.

    • The user now has

      • Perfectly onboarded to the new chain

      • Given a grant of shipped tokens to their wallet

      • A small amount of gas for your protocol's DeFi usage

  6. Your unique Capsule Redemption Page can now link a user out directly to your protocol's website for pool utilization/deposit/stats.

A user has now gone from absolutely no interaction with a new chain to holding tokens, with gas to interact with your protocol. A wallet is not even required at the point of pickup.

How Integration Works

The way it works is by placing any user’s assets inside of a “shipping container” of sorts, called a Capsule. Capsules are special NFTs that can hold any amount of any asset “inside” of them, functioning as programmable wrappers.

Once a Capsule is created for shipment, it is sent to an escrow contract where only the user and receiver have access to the transacted funds. From here, a transaction can be further programmed, accepted, or even canceled by either party.

Shipped Capsules have dynamic metadata which updates as the terms for shipment change, and can be viewed on any NFT exchange with the latest transaction information.

Receiving users access a unique page to receive their assets, called the Capsule Redemption Page, which appears similar to the following (https://app.capsulenft.com/redeem/optimism/cc/40). The receiver is prompted to input a password, verified on-chain, which gates acceptance of the assets. Further off-chain specifications can be added to this process.

Acceptance of the assets is entirely gasless, and is powered by the Capsule Relay, an off-chain API which transfers assets to users on their behalf. The Capsule Relay is a service provided by the Capsule team to extend off-chain transaction capabilities and to remove gas costs for a receiver. Users can bypass the Capsule Relay by simply setting the receiving address for the shipment themselves, although if the user’s account is not known beforehand, it is highly recommended for the user to utilize the Capsule Relay, as the package can be sniped through MEV attacks (packages shipped through the Capsule Relay are MEV-attack resistant) and will cost extra gas fees.

Given the correct parameters are input, the receiver accepts the assets with a single click, sending to either: their own wallet (signing in with a browser extension), a wallet of their choosing (no need to sign in), or sending to a completely new wallet (immediate, non-custodial creation of a wallet for the user). No transaction or signature is required.

Once the Capsule Relay transfer transaction is complete, the user obtains the shipped assets and the Capsule Package NFT utilized in shipping is permanently burned. Capsule Relay transactions can occur on any chain supported by the Capsule Network, meaning users can even create redemption transactions on one chain, and they will be processed on a separate chain.

You can learn more about Capsule by visiting our website, using our application, following our Twitter, or joining the Capsule community on Discord.

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