Capsule Collections


An exciting feature of the Capsule Protocol is that users are able to create and deploy their own collections of Capsule NFTs.

Capsule Collections are NFT collections generated by the Capsule Protocol. An NFT Collection is like a library - housing any amount of NFTs inside similarly to how a library houses books. It can be a portfolio containing art pieces, a series of user badges, or even a list of domain names. Some famous NFT Collections include CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Capsule Protocol allows for NFTs in a Capsule Collection to support any combination of ERC-20 Capsule NFTs, ERC-721 Capsule NFTs, ERC-1155 Capsule NFTs or Simple Capsule NFTs. For example, your collection could be made up of 1 Simple Capsule NFT, 2 ERC-20 Capsule NFTs, 4 ERC-1155 Capsule NFTs and 8 ERC-721 Capsule NFTs; or your collection could be made up of solely 10 ERC-721 Capsule NFTs. All Capsule Collections can be viewed on OpenSea, or any NFT marketplace.

When a user creates a collection, they deploy their own Capsule NFT contract at a new address. The ‘name’ and ‘symbol’ fields of the ERC-721 contract are customizable by the user, and the user is given ownership of the deployed contract.

Customization of Capsule Collections

Capsule Collections offer extra layers of customization on top of providing access to methods facilitating the creation of Capsules.

The Metamaster is the address of the user who controls all of the metadata set inside any Capsule NFT in their collection. This address may be changed at a later date.

If the Metamaster is set to the zero address (0x0000...), the metadata and the Metamaster cannot be changed by any user.

To learn more on changing the Metamaster, please read Developer - Managing a Capsule Collection.

A Capsule Collection can be locked by the owner - preventing any users from minting further Capsule NFTs to that collection past that upper bound. Once a collection is locked, it can never be unlocked.

During Beta, Capsule Collections can only be locked from the backend. To view the developer walkthrough, please read Developer - Managing a Capsule Collection.

The Capsule team is working towards improving this feature for the future.

On creation, a collection can be deemed public or private.

A public collection allows any user to mint new Capsule NFTs from this collection, while a private collection allows only the owner to mint Capsule NFTs in the collection.

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