Gate Shipments

The above figure displays an example of a user at address 0x…1 (Bob) attempting to send assets to user 0x…3 (Carl). Carl is an employee at Bob’s company - Bob issues a specific asset to all of his co-workers - a KEY NFT. Carl’s specific NFT is ID #23, and Bob wants to ensure that once Carl has received his Key he will be able to receive his company asset pack. Potentially, Bob might send the KEY #23 to Carl through CPaS.

Upon creation of the Capsule Shipment, Bob specifies to send his Capsuled assets to 0x…3 (Carl) – and Bob has also attached a password. Without Carl properly owning KEY #23, Carl is unable to properly accept this shipment and receive his company asset pack. Bob may be waiting until Carl has properly passed onboarding, or anything of the sort. In the case where Carl does not join the company, Bob can simply cancel the shipment and receive Carl’s company asset pack back.

Thankfully, Carl does pass onboarding, and receives his KEY #23 through a separate transaction through CPaS. As such, Carl simply accepts the package holding KEY #23 in his wallet and receives his Capsuled asset pack.

This example speaks to a company-security setup, but this can easily be mapped alongside NFT collections and community giveaways, where assets are given away to specific ID holders.

If this interests you view our developer examples of Conditional Redemption and Conditional Shipment.

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