Ethereum - Goerli

The CapsuleNFT contracts have been deployed on Goerli for user testing.

Goerli ETH can be acquired from faucets online, or by dropping a message in the CapsuleNFT Discord!

Network Info

Network: Goerli Testnet

Chain ID: 5


CapsuleMinter (Proxy): 0xE6Af243aA76AbEd64864EC5d7EC91F8345D42484 | View on Goerli Etherscan

CapsuleFactory (Proxy): 0x92A75d0351984d62F588EeA1e00b53F56f0aa027 | View on Goerli Etherscan

Example Capsule Collection: 0x311448Def70713B6d6dc984cc0C62b470A173DAF | View on Goerli Etherscan


For more info on how to interact with these contracts, view Contracts.

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