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Explore several use cases of the CapsuleNFT Protocol that let gamers take their experience to the next level.

Loot Boxes & Verifiably Random Loot Boxes

Capsule NFT’s are capable of storing multiple assets inside of a single container. These can be used as in-game loot box redemption systems. Instead of receiving a box and getting airdropped the loot, you can now receive all assets within a single transaction. Users can hold the loot box itself and trade it for its value, or crack it open to see what's inside.

Taking these Capsule NFT loot boxes a step further, it is possible to integrate Chainlink VRF into the loot box system. Users would be able to verify loot was trustlessly received on-chain, and confirm loot drop tables. Pair this with rarities and you have a very similar system to Counter Strike Global Offensive or verifiable Hearthstone card packs.

In-Game Blockchain Economies

Capsule NFTs could be used for video games that utilize the blockchain to record in-game currencies. Capsule NFTs would represent items that can be sold or "broken down" in order to receive the underlying currency token(s). This provides transparency to the players, so they can rest assured that the value of their in-game items are verifiably backed by the in-game currency stored within the Capsule NFT item.

A popular example of where this use case would apply is for online trading card games that utilize a “dusting economy,” or a system where players are able to destroy (casually known as "dusting") their cards for in-game currency that they can then use to buy new cards. Using the CapsuleNFT Protocol, developers could use Capsule NFTs to represent their trading cards with the underlying “dust value” of the card wrapped within the Capsule. Anytime a player may want to dust their card, they would simply redeem the Capsule NFT and retrieve the underlying in-game currency.

Evolving Capsule NFT

Capsule NFTs can be wrapped within other Capsule NFTs, forming something similar to a Russian Nesting Doll. As you burn different layers of the Capsule NFT, different wrapper images are revealed, and the Capsule NFT evolves from one form to another. It is possible to set different metadata conditions to each layer to reveal upon unwrapping, or even change the traits of the NFT. Example: A weapon skin as an Evolving Capsule NFT, where the condition is to get 10 kills. After you get 10 kills, a layer is burned and the skin evolves to its next form. The next form has significantly higher stats, and is viewable and tradable on any exchange.

Example: A character skin you purchase could evolve after completion of each level, creating dynamic character progression throughout the game itself.

Metaverse Wrapper

There are many opportunities on how Capsule NFTs can be implemented into the metaverse.

  • Capsule NFTs could be used to hold a 'starter pack' of equipment that a player could purchase and redeem to immediately have all the necessary equipment to participate in a game or event.

  • Capsule NFTs could be used to transform individual pieces into 'set pieces'. For example, imagine a user has an NFT representing a character and another NFT representing a piece of equipment. By creating a Capsule NFT holding both NFTs, you can produce a new NFT of the character holding or wearing the piece of equipment.

These are just a few ideas that the team has identified as potential areas of exploration. We are excited to see how the use of Capsule NFTs will evolve within the metaverse.

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