Locking a collection sets a permanent limit - determined by the Collection Owner - to the amount of NFTs that can be minted in a Capsule Collection. Once the limit about has been reached, no one, including the owner, can mint any more NFTs in the collection (see Example #1).

After creation, a collection may be locked at any time by calling the lock method and passing in a numerical upper bound. Please note that the Owner can only pass a numerical upper bound that is greater or equal to the current NFT count (see Example #2). Both private and public collections can be locked at any point by the owner of the contract - but never unlocked.

To permanently prevent a collection from being locked, please use of the following methods:

  • Set the lock number to the maximum unit 256 minus one (2^256 - 2)

  • Transfer ownership of the unlocked collection to the 000 address

During Beta, Capsule Collections can only be locked from the backend. To view the developer walkthrough, please read Developer - Managing a Capsule Collection.

The Capsule team is working towards improving this feature for the future.

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