Gasless Pickup

The above figure displays an example of a user at address 0x…1 (Bob) attempting to send assets to user 0x…2 (Earl).

Bob wants to send a large amount of ERC-20 tokens to Earl, but does not have enough ETH to pay gas for the transaction. Normally, Bob has no other choice but to send ETH to his wallet in order to create and send the transaction. His funds are essentially locked in his wallet. With CPaS, Bob has the ability to pay a certain amount of ERC-20 tokens instead of ETH as gas – where the Capsule Relay will pay the ETH gas fee in Bob’s stead.

In addition to the shipment fee paid in ERC-20 tokens, Bob can also pay an additional fee to ensure that the acceptance transaction fee will also be paid by the Capsule Fulfillment Center. In this case, Earl does not even require ETH within his wallet in order to accept the shipment: Earl would just need to sign the acceptance transaction over to the Capsule Fulfillment Center for payment.

In the future, different tokens may also be utilized for shipment fee payment. Solutions which simplify this process, such as EIP-4337, are of high priority for implementation.

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