Capsule Relay


The Capsule Relay is an off-chain API service that operates within the Capsule Packaging and Shipping (CPaS) ecosystem. It provides a secure and efficient way to transfer assets without requiring users to pay gas fees. The Capsule Relay acts as an intermediary during the transaction process, facilitating gasless asset transfers and ensuring the integrity of the transactions.

Capsule Relay in the CPaS Ecosystem

In the context of the Capsule Packaging and Shipping ecosystem, the Capsule Relay plays a vital role in enabling gasless asset transfers. When creating a shipment using CPaS, the sender can choose to designate the Capsule Relay as the recipient address. This allows the recipient to accept the shipment without the need for native chain gas or funds in their wallet. By leveraging the Capsule Relay, users can bypass the gas requirements typically associated with on-chain transactions.

Additionally, shipments sent through the Capsule Relay are MEV resistant - meaning that no user can front-run a gasless relay transaction.

Benefits of the Capsule Relay in CPaS

The Capsule Relay offers several benefits to users within the Capsule Packaging and Shipping ecosystem:

  1. Gasless Asset Transfers: With the Capsule Relay, users can send and receive assets without the need for ETH or other native chain tokens to cover gas fees. This eliminates the barrier of entry for users who may not have sufficient funds.

  2. Convenient Asset Redemption: Once a shipment is sent using CPaS, the recipient can easily redeem the assets by initiating a Capsule Relay transaction without requiring wallet sign-in to any address on-chain.

  3. Off-Chain Transaction Conditions: The Capsule Relay processes transactions off-chain, meaning that any off-chain condition can be added to the redemption process - without increasing gas cost. This greatly extends the conditions for on-chain asset redemption, potentially linking shipments to real-world events, and allowing for unique physical-digital asset transfers such as trading cards or conference POAPs.

Using the Capsule Relay

Interacting with the Capsule Relay is as simple as setting the on-chain address as the recipient for the CPaS shipment. The relay will wait for off-chain conditions to trigger in order to create an on-chain transfer shipping the assets to the proper address (or canceling the transaction).

As such, all Capsule Relay functionality is entirely opt-innable. Any user who wishes to use the ecosystem without the Relay must simply set the address of the receiver during the creation of the shipment, or modify the shipment information at any time before redemption.

Capsule Relay Future

The ultimate goal for the Capsule Relay is to decentralize the means of 'gasless transfer' by incentivizing a vast network of Capsule Node runners, who will exist around the world supporting transfers on any blockchain. We name this eventual future the Capsule Network, and will support many other shipment benefits, such as: off-chain conditional shipment, automated on-chain transfer, extra security features, and bridging/creation of shipments cross-chain.

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