The beta version of Capsule Packaging and Shipping is live!

With Capsule Packaging and Shipping users can send, batch, secure, and recall cryptocurrency transactions on the Ethereum and Optimism blockchains.

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Introduction to Capsule

Welcome to Capsule, a revolutionary system designed to redefine the cryptocurrency experience and streamline digital asset transactions.

Capsule introduces a unique concept of wrapping assets into programmable NFTs, aptly named Capsule NFTs, to enable secure, convenient, and gasless transactions across different chains.

The Capsule Vision

Capsule aims to empower cryptocurrency users by:

  • batching multiple asset transactions into a single, secure transfer

  • introducing 'reroutable' transfer

  • increasing security on asset transaction

  • allowing for cryptocurrency transfer/acceptance without wallet sign in

  • covering native chain gas fees on any chain

Capsule is built with a keen focus on accessibility and user experience. We introduce a Web2 style, 'one-click method' of accepting assets which eliminates complex onboarding processes for new users who seek to hold, trade, and transfer cryptocurrency.

Packaging and Shipping

Capsule was built to mirror how most real-life shipments work today – each Capsule NFT holds assets similarly to an Amazon package sent to your door. Just as each cardboard box comes with a unique barcode, delivery instruction, route, and much more, so does each Capsule transfer. Just as you are able to return a broken/lost shipment to Amazon, or re-route the shipping address to the proper location, Capsule introduces never-before-seen flexibility in cryptocurrency transfer.

When you order anything online, you have little doubt anything will go wrong during the shipping process. Any doubt you have is assuaged by the ability to return the package, or cancel the shipment. The real-world shipping process brings a universally accepted user experience to your door in the form of a package. As such, we have named our transfer protocol Capsule Packaging and Shipping.

For more information on how Capsule Packaging and Shipping works, view here.

All of these features are available on our streamlined application, accessible here.

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