Developer Overview

Contract Overview

The Capsule Protocol utilizes three main Ethereum contracts to perform all of its on-chain functions.

The CapsuleMinter and CapsuleFactory contracts are attached to a proxy contract, meaning they are upgradable.

The Capsule NFT contract can be 'upgraded' by changing the deploy address. This allows future Collections to support much greater functionality, such as storing other token types or storing combinations of other tokens.

For more information on the contracts utilized in the Capsule Protocol, please read Contracts.

Developer Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs of which methods to use when incorporating the Capsule Protocol in your application can be found in Developer Walkthroughs.

The example scenarios that are covered include:


All Capsule Protocol contracts are decentralized. If the Capsule Team vanished tomorrow, the ecosystem would continue to work exactly as coded.

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