Capsule Redemption Page


The Capsule Redemption Page is a user-friendly web interface that serves as a gateway for recipients to redeem their assets within the Capsule Packaging and Shipping (CPaS) ecosystem. It provides a seamless and secure method for users to claim their assets and interact with the CPaS ecosystem. The page also enables users to preview and verify ownership of the shipment with its contained assets.

The Capsule Redemption Page is also tied directly to the Capsule Relay, if it is selected as the recipient, and will allow for users to redeem assets without signing into their wallet, creating a transaction, or paying gas fees.

How it Works

After a shipment is created, a user is given two (only one if no password is attached to the transaction) important pieces of information:

With these pieces of information, the receiver is able to pick up the transferred assets, so long as the receiver meets the specified package conditions by the sender. In practice, this means digital assets can now be sent over email, on Twitter or Discord as giveaways (with the password a riddle), or physically, on branded business cards with QR codes linking to the redemption page. This massively increases reach for digital asset pickup, and combined with no-wallet, one-click redemption, allows any user to take their first steps in cryptocurrency without trouble.

Moreover, the flexibility provided by the URL and password system ensures that users have complete control over their assets, enabling them to manage and move them according to their specific preferences and requirements. A user may be sent a package through email, and choose not to redeem it until they are ready to create their own wallet and take custody of their own funds.


While a user is waiting for their redemption transaction to be confirmed on-chain, there is a large lag-time between redemption and 'true acceptance' (on-chain finality). During this period, as with any other Dapp in crypto, users stare at the web page and wait for the completion of the transaction. This massive market of users have the ability to view any advertisement for a prolonged period of time.

The Capsule Redemption Page is entirely customizable to any brand's identity, including graphics, video content, and other brand elements. This gives anyone the opportunity to create a unique, immersive experience for users, aligning brand with cutting-edge technology.

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As specified above, the Capsule Redemption Page is entirely customizable to any project, including graphics, video content, and other brand elements.

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