Official Capsule Collections

The CapsuleNFT Team has created and deployed two official Capsule Collections: The Public Capsule Collection and Private Capsule Collection.

Public Capsule (CPUB) Collection

Anyone may mint Capsule NFTs to the Public Capsule Collection. The Capsule Team created this collection with the community in mind. It is our hope that by providing unrestricted access to the collection, the Capsule Community can continue to foster and maintain creativity together now and into the future.

Address: 0x1a0a69a267b3e72d22dEB970b2Cc6296aC31A80c

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Private Capsule (CNFT) Collection

Only the CapsuleNFT Team may mint Capsule NFTs to the Private Capsule Collection. We are reserving this collection to mint special Capsule NFTs for team-related projects and endeavors.

Address: 0xECE3053E1e7C4Dd365975e8AB4Db7D1b238e30B6

View on OpenSea [temporarily unavailable] View Contract on Etherscan

Capsule Collections are allowed to have the same names and acronyms. The unique identifier of each Capsule Collection is the Collection Address.

Please check the Collection Address to ensure that you are viewing and minting to the correct Capsule Collection.

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