Advertising with Capsule

The Capsule protocol offers a unique and cutting-edge approach to advertising in the cryptocurrency space, capitalizing on the intersection of blockchain technology, digital marketing, and user interaction.

The Unique Value of Advertising with Capsule

With Capsule, marketers have the opportunity to embed their advertisements directly within the Capsule Packaging and Shipping UI. Advertisements can be included aside the Capsule Redemption Page during the transaction process, allowing the marketer to reach a highly targeted, captive audience.

These advantages lead to extremely high industry retention rates. Additionally, marketers can selectively choose their advertisement placement based on the contents of the user's shipment, allowing for a highly targeted and efficient marketing strategy.

Benefits of Advertising with Capsule: Why it's Win-Win

One of the unique aspects of advertising with Capsule is the direct benefit to the end-users. The revenue generated from advertisements is utilized to subsidize the gas fees associated with the users' cryptocurrency transactions. This means that as a marketer, your advertisement investment directly contributes to a smoother, more accessible experience for users.

By using advertisements to fund the transaction costs, users can receive and transfer their cryptocurrency assets without any gas fee concerns. This process encourages more users to engage with the product advertised, and leads to a higher user retention rate, thereby offering increased exposure for the product/brand.

By advertising with Capsule, you are not only tapping into a burgeoning market of cryptocurrency users, but you are also contributing to a more accessible and equitable blockchain ecosystem.

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